Video 6-5 How to Increase Participation

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Week 6
If you have less than 100 participants in your course then you may need to do some extra work around engagement and survey participation. If your group is really small, reach out personally to your participants to see how you can engage them. If your group is not so small but still not very responsive then make extra posts to get participants into action.

You can post as often as you want in the group, just make sure each post brings value.

What can you post?

A new module is out
Join our coaching call tomorrow
I highly appreciate your feedback on this week’s module
This week’s assignment is XXX
Have a raffle for everyone who fills out all the feedback forms.

Remind them to fill out the survey every week
Remind them of the raffle
After Saturday midnight close the survey so that people cannot enter responses afterwards. If someone really wants to give you feedback they will do it in time.

Some people will only give you feedback in the final form.

Even if you feel there isn’t much happening in your group, keep going. It’s often the silent ones that are doing the most and will become your most loyal clients.